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The Yumba Special School is located in the Tamale metropolis. It works with children who have learning disabilities, focusing on teaching them life skills rather than more conventional education. Currently it has 118 students registered, and 26 official members of staff (however, the observed number of both children and staff was a lot lower). Though it has some state support, the children are not as supported as they can be. 

The Shegni Project collaborated by sending 5 volunteers to Yumba and asked them to compile a report on the ways the Yumba School can be supported. Most of the children suffered from low-attention spans, making any traditional teaching exercises, like dictation, almost impossible. Despite this, the children would become enthusiastically involved in any other activities that involved arts and crafts, games or other extra-curricular activities. There was an emphasis on vocational classes – currently the pupils learn to weave mats in order to acquire a trade.

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