Friday, April 10, 2015

We’re here for a productive time, not a long time.

Hello! We are cohort 3 on Team Yumba. During the next 10 weeks we will be working with Yumba Special School to help improve the school's sustainability. As we have been spending the week getting to know each other, here are some fun facts to get to know Team Yumba…

 (From left to right: Abdul-Raheem, Portia, Eilidh-Rose, Trudy, Danny, Chelsey (with her eyes closed), Jaz, Mohammed-Awal and Adam)

Chelsey Louise Gillard

Otherwise known as Tungteeya, is our UK team leader! Chelsey is 24 years of age and lives in Bridgend in Wales. Chelsey works as a theatre director back home where she also has 1 older brother, 2 younger twin brothers and a sister in law. Although she loves her family very much she is missing her dog and cat more! Her favourite Ghanaian food so far is Fufu. The Yumba team describes Chelsey as funny, warm and honest. If Chelsey could be anything she would be a pirate.. Aye Aye!

Portia Catherine Abdul-Rahman

Portia works alongside Chelsey as the in-country team leader. Portia is described by the team as a fantastic and fashionable lady who loves her food! Portia is from Sandema and has 8 brothers. She would like to be a pediatric nurse within the next few years. Her favourite food is banku with pepper soup. If Portia could be anything she would a mermaid. 

Danny Walt Lloyd

Danny is described as the joker of the team with a caring and creative side. He is 20 years old and lives in a small town called Towcester just outside of Northampton. Danny has 2 older sisters, 3 nieces and a nephew. Danny would like to manage his own day service for learning disabilities. His favourite Ghanaian food is fried plantain and yam and if he could be anything he would be a something between a vampire and a ghost! Danny’s favourite quote is “we’re here for a good time and not a long time”.

Eilidh–Rose Hobbett

Eilidh-Rose aka Ajuwa–Rose whilst in Ghana. Eilidh- Rose is 18 and from Fife, Scotland. Her favourite Ghanaian food is waakye and her favourite quote is “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Back home in Fife, Eilidh-Rose has studied art and design and currently works at a playgroup with children and would love to work abroad with children hence why signing up to International Citizen Service. Eilidh-Rose summed up in three words fizzy, ginger and phenomenal… just like iron bru! Eilidh-Rose would love to be a butterfly… we’re still waiting for her to fly away!

Mohammed Awal

Gentle, hardworking and honest Awal is from Tamale, Ghana. His favourite Ghanaian food is Tz. He has recently studied to become a Research scientist. Awal comes from a family of 8 which consists of 5 brothers and 3 sisters. Awal could be anything he would be a bee… buzzzzzzzz!

Jasmine Singh-Weldon

Jasmine, also known as Jaz is the outgoing 22 year old from Brighton who also wants to study paediatric nursing! Jasmine has been described as playful and spontaneous. She loves food, funny people and travelling to new places. Jaz is a quarter Indian and has 1 brother and her favourite Ghanaian food is rice balls with groundnut soup. If Jaz could be anything she would be an elephant!

Trudy Emily

Trudy is 24 years of age from Kumasi in Ghana and is amongst the in-country volunteers. Trudy was described by the team as impatient, assertive and super sassy. She would like to be a professor at a university and her favourite Ghanaian food is Fufu. If Trudy could be anything she would be a vampire!

Adam Graham Paterson

Based in the city of Glasgow on the west coast of Scotland and described as the happy, chilled and outgoing member of the team… always smiling! Adam’s favourite Ghanaian food is Fried Plantain. Back in Scotland Adam has one sister and his parents are both retired teachers. If Adam could be anything he would be abducted by aliens.

Abdul – Raheem Mohammed

Abdul is another one of our in-country volunteers who is from Bolga which is in the upper East region of Ghana with his 2 brothers and his 3 sisters. Abdul is described as humble, giggly and loves to learn. His favourite Ghanaian foods are Rice balls, TZ and bra soup and finally yam and Fufu. Abdul has trained to become a forensic psychologist and absolutely loves the movie Merlin. If Abdul could be anything he would be a dinosaur!

Here are a few photos of our first visit to Yumba Special School where we received a warm welcome and learnt a lot about the needs of the school. Using what we have learnt we have been working hard on our Team Planning Tool to establish what we will accomplish during our time on the Yumba Project. 

We hope this cohort will be prosperous, happy and most importantly effective in creating change.

Thanks for reading!

Blog compiled by - Danny and Jaz

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  1. U gonna do well guys...U guys are taking on a real gud humanitarian task and u so much up to it. Gud luck