Friday, February 13, 2015

The Excitement of Week 4!

We have now reached the end of the fourth week and we mark this with more feedback from our fabulous team on the happenings of this week and the feelings we have.

Joseph, Jake, Frankie, Akilu, Portia and Georgie after the Radio show on Sunday.
On Sunday our team had our first appearance on Radio Zaa. Joseph and Georgie were joined by staff from Yumba School to talk about Yumba Special School and the challenges that it faces and talk about International Service and what work our project does for the school. This was the first time both Georgie and Joseph had ever appeared on the radio so although it was slightly nerve wracking it was an exciting experience and we feel the show went well.

The team in the studio on Sunday.

During the week we made a visit to the school. This was another day well spent as not only did we get to see the students and staff of Yumba again, but we had a successful meeting with the staff members. As planned with the teachers we are now making plans for a sensitisation to the school's local community, about people with intellectual disabilities and Yumba School. The ICT lessons are also commencing next week, not only will these help the development for the teachers at the school but also help with developing our skills as a team.

Other exciting progress is being made and work that was started a few weeks ago is now starting to develop. This is one of the really pleasant things about this whole experience, we can see how things progress from the work that we put in but also how the work of the previous cohort is being continued.

This week we decided to think about what we are excited about that is happening or going to happen in the next couple of weeks. Here are our thoughts:


"There is too much that I'm excited about but I am so excited that after several weeks of being in the office we (the team) can now step out and do some real fun deals"


"We have a talented team. I am excited that we have been creating opportunities from limited resources - our impact should be multiplied now our budget has been released."


"It is a Dagbani superstition that anything happening on the last Wednesday of the month will fail. I'm curious to see if this is true!"


"The time so far has been great..moving from one step to the other is how i feel about this experience so far and as the days goes by i feel this would be one of the best opportunities ever.Been part of a society that wants to see a change in other lives.its still a so far so good feeling."


"It has been an exciting week and what was continued and started a few weeks ago is really starting to show signs of progress, so I am excited to see how what we’ve done so far will unravel.”


"The incipient stage of my participation on the Yumba was a bit daunting as little seemed to be achieved in spite of the alacrity with which I pursued any agenda assigned me. But thankfully, the fruits of the early labour have started manifesting. The future of the Yumba project and thus, the Yumba Special School looks promising and that is most exciting for me."


"I will be very mirthful on the valentines day because of the plans and the successful things we are about to achieve upon the brainy work done. Having ICT lessons for the teachers in Yumba School which they are likely to benefit from. Also to witness the cultural performance from the students of Yumba on the day of the sensitisation." 

Akilu and Frankie looking fabulous in their clothing on Traditonal Friday.

So as you can see, there is an overwhelming feeling of excitement in our team this week and the work of Akilu has helped contribute towards this. After the research of the last few weeks, Akilu has been making contact with AwaaWaa2, a charity set up to provide specialist services to children and young people with communication disabilities. This part of the project is only at it's very beginning stages but we can already see that there is a lot of potential in this area. The possibilities so far are that speech therapists from AwaaWaa2 could come to Yumba School to assess the students, and then train some of the teachers in speech therapy. This breakthrough is impressive as speech therapy is something that certain students at the school really will benefit from. 

Also due to the work of Seckina and Akilu, there has now been an arranged date for first aid training for the parent group of the students. They are being trained by officials from St. John's ambulance in collaboration with the Red Cross Society Association of Tamale Senior High School. This is great news for both the parents and the students of the school, and will help strengthen the relationship between the parents and the school which is something we aimed to achieve.

Portia, Georgie, Frankie, Jake, Akilu, Seckina and Joseph.
All our amazing team members.

So all in all a very successful week, so it is now time for us all to relax for the weekend in anticipation for the exciting work to come next week.

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