Thursday, January 22, 2015

Team Yumba Round 2!

So there are 7 of us in total on the new Yumba Team, and we are all incredibly excited about working together at International Service. So there are 5 volunteers and 2 team leaders, Frankie and Portia being are our amazing team leaders.  

Frankie Hine-Hughes is 27 and he is from Birmingham in the UK, he has already been in Ghana for the last 4 months working with the team before us on the Yumba Project. Frankie has 5 brothers and has previously traveled different parts of the world, including the Himalayas and Central America. Frankie has a lot of experience working with people with disabilities and this is something he will continue to pursue. He has also fallen in love with Ghana and his plan is to find a way to stay in Ghana after his work with International Service.
Fun fact: Frankie’s favourite food is scotch eggs.

Portia Catherine Abdul-Rahman is 23 and she is from Wiaga in the Upper East region in Ghana. She previously worked on the Life project as a volunteer and now is the in country team leader of the Yumba Project. She has 8 brothers and is the only girl. She has had 1 year of voluntary training at the hospital and after working with International Service on the Yumba Project she would like to train to be a nurse, specialising in Paediatrics. Portia has a great sense of humour but also suffers from indecision, and always seems to be eating something.
Fun Fact: Portia is from a Royal family as her uncle is the chief in Wiaga, and her mother is a princess.

On the rest of team there are then 5 of us, all volunteers, both from the UK and Ghana.

So we have Akilu Murtala who is 25 years old. He is from Bawku in the Upper East region of Ghana. Akilu has twelve siblings, making him one of thirteen, although some of his siblings are step siblings as his father has two wives. He studied Psychology at the University of Ghana, Akilu spent a year voluntarily working at the Tamale Teaching Hospital and might be one of the kindest people you will ever meet. He expects people to be open minded and he gets frustrated by people who have bad attitudes.
Fun Fact: Akilu’s favourite music is by Westlife.

Then we have Jake Davies. Jake is 22 and is from Ramsgate in the UK. At university he studied Music Technology and can play a huge range of instruments such as the guitar, the drums, the piano, the ukulele, the ocarina and the harmonica. It will be hard to meet someone who loves learning more than Jake, but also hard to meet someone who has as much knowledge as Jake. In the past he has been called a Human Google. Jake is a very relaxed, open and friendly person and would like to be a modern day Sherlock Holmes when he is older.
Fun Fact: Jake’s quickest time for completing a Rubik’s cube is 42 seconds.

Next we have Seckina Kassim. Seckina grew up in Accra, in the southern region of Ghana. She also studied Development at University in Accra. She is very talented when it comes to dancing and singing and when she is playing music it’s rare for her not to be dancing. In the future Seckina would either like to be a nurse, a news presenter or an air hostess. It would be hard to deny that Seckina has a great sense of humour and is intent on keeping Jake in Ghana as her husband and then one day moving back to the UK with him.
Fun Fact: Seckina can speak three languages - Twi, Moosi and English.

We then have Georgie Price. Georgie is 18 years old, so she’s the baby of the team, and is from Devon in the UK. She studied the International Baccalaureate in the UK and was recently accepted at a University place in the Netherlands to study International Studies after her time in Ghana. She has 3 sisters, 2 half-sisters and a brother and although she is the youngest in the group she always keeps the fun going. Georgie has a strong desire to visit as much of the world as possible in the future and her favourite food is kedgeree.She likes to make funny noise to express herself.
Fun fact: Her favourite game is Monopoly.

Finally there is Joseph Youpaab Tiibe; he is 23 year with parents from both the Northern Region and the Ashanti Region in Ghana, but lives in Tamale. Joseph studied I.T. and business skills at the National Institute of Information Technology. Joseph is the eldest of 4 and he has a great range of experience both travelling and working with charitable organisations such as Northern Aid for Children (NAC Ghana); he hopes to further his career in this field and even created his own institution called the J & J Foundation in 2010.
Fun Fact: Joseph is fully committed to training himself in the gym and building muscle mass.

So that is the team, we are all quite different but all very excited about working together on the project.

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