Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yumba stories: Mr. Duut, Ghana Regional Best Teacher in 2014

Mr. Duut Gilbert is a teacher at Yumba Special School, Tamale, where he has taught for eight years. 

He is a native of Bingburgu District in the Northern Region of Ghana.

Mr. Duut loves teaching and enjoys exploring the various fields involved in the teaching profession. The reason he decided to teach at the Yumba Special School instead of any other school in the Northern Region is due to the fact that he is incredibly passionate about the lives of the special children that attend the school and wants to touch their lives in kind.

Among his many qualities, Mr. Duut demonstrates commitment, discipline, determination and hard work.

The saying that determination and hard work leads to success has proven true with Mr. Duut having recently been awarded the overall Regional Best Teacher in 2014.

The achievement of Mr. Duut proves the fact that it does not matter where you are from but what you can do. Not only is this a fantastic achievement for Mr. Duut personally, but also it shows what brilliant work is happening at the Yumba Special School in giving the children an excellent education that they deserve.  

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