Friday, November 21, 2014

Yumba stories: Jawal's success

Jawal was born with the symptoms of a learning disability from birth and at the age of six months it was confirmed that he had a learning disability. Like Rashiid in our previous story, following Jawal’s diagnosis, his father divorced his mother leaving her to raise him on her own. 

Fortunately, Jawal's mother managed to get Jawal enrolled into the Yumba Special School. At the school, Jawal has been able to participate in sports sessions every Friday and it was immediately clear that he was a talented athlete. Noticing this talent, the school supported Jawal to start competing in various track running events. 

At the start of this year he took part in a Special Olympics Ghana competition held in Kumasi, Ghana and won in the 400m. His victory in Kumasi has meant that he has gained qualification to compete in the Special Olympics in Los Angeles, United States of America in 2015. 

Jawal’s story proves that having a disability in one area should not rule out an individual’s ability to achieve great things. It is also a real credit to Yumba Special School; had Jawal not joined the school he would not have had the guidance from the teachers to succeed in his chosen sport.

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