Monday, November 17, 2014

Yumba stories: Don't give up on Rashiid

Rashiid is a child of 16 years of age and lives in a village in a suburb of Tamale, Northern Ghana. He was born without any health issues. However, at the age of three years and six months Rashiid developed a learning disability.

Sadly, the father of Rashiid, divorced his wife following his child being diagnosed with a learning disability. He believed that his son would not amount to anything in his life and thus relinquished his responsibilities, leaving just the mother to care for Rashiid.

As a result of this, Rashiid’s mother took him to Yumba Special School. Without the support that the staff at Yumba provide Rashiid's mother would have great difficulties in looking after him. The school is significantly under-resourced but through passionate staff and a willingness to help there is reason to be optimistic - Rashiid is now receiving an education in a caring environment. 

You can find out more about the school and its pupils on the Yumba School Facebook page.

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